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Oh that ceviche!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Hello friends, sorry I've been so negligent with my posts but I plan to be back and share some of those promised Ecuadorean recipes. In the next few posts I will briefly and easily explain how to prepare these dishes. Enjoy! #ceviche #homecooking #comidalatina #micocina

Boiling shrimp with shell till they are this pink color. Once they have cooled off peel and devein.

I usually eyeball how many shrimps I will need to serve the amount of people who will be eating. I don't skimp on shrimp (hehe). I usually do about 6 per person. Boil them till they are this beautiful pink color, let sit and cool then peel and devein.

Slice your red onion! They make me cry all the time so just bear with me. Once shredded, momma taught me to clean them with sugar first. Add a few spoonfuls of sugar mix it up with your hand and then add water and drain (soak with water twice, just in case you didn't get the sugar taste out. Por se acaso!) Then....

Add the lime juice, salt, olive oil to the red onion to taste. Then invite those shrimps to the party!

Ok, ok, I know I didn't capture the adding the cilantro step but as we can see here, we chopped some up and added it to the mix. This combination is so delicious my mouth is watering as I type! This ceviche is totally a stand alone dish but if you want to add it over rice, plantain chips or popcorn. Do whatever suits your taste buds.

I chose to pair it with yummy rice. Hit it with some hot sauce and you've got yourself a slammin' ceviche.

Just another picture because its so beautiful! If you prepare this dish, please reach out and let me know what you thought! Happy cooking and buen provecho!

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