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Make the best of your day out!

Hello friends! Who else is super happy warmer weather is finally upon us? I know I am! Looking back on some beautiful days I've had in the past with my camera on hand, I thought to myself; "why not share some pointers on how to intentionally take photos on nice outings without it technically being a (shoot)?" So here goes...

On this particular day I went out to a beautiful lavender farm on Long Island with my hubby. One of those days for just "Mami and Papi". I brought my camera definitely expecting to be inspired but not really dead set on the photos I was looking to take. I feel like creativity flows at its best when its not thought about too much, There reason I entitled this post "make the best of your day out" is because you certainly can achieve different forms of photography when you have a nice day out. On this day, for instance we decided to visit "Lavender by the Bay" and I was able to shoot a portrait, a macro, landscape and play around with depth of field. Come along with me...

The portrait. I was fortunate enough to walk far back and observe their workers gathering and bundling up the lavender. It was a HOT day but these men were in their own little world, working and cracking jokes with one another. I was drawn to their energy, how they handled the lavender with care and seemed to be so unbothered by the heat. The reason this one man caught my eye was because he truly seemed to enjoy his work and I wanted to capture that. I spoke to these men and asked them if it would be ok for me to take a few shots and they were so friendly and agreeable. Side note, asking for permission isn't required but I prefer to introduce myself, chat it up a bit and then express what I would like to photograph and usually it goes well.

The Macro. Ok, so I am going to be truthful and admit that this was a hard one to take but I was determined. Primarily because of the sweat dripping down my back because of the heat (hehe, I know TMI). Secondly, these bees were hard at work and even though I wasn't bothering them, their buzzing sound had me a little tense. The photo was worth it nonetheless. It was an experience and whenever I look at this image, I'm taken back to the time I had attempting to shoot it. Photography is giving in that way. As I'm sure you will experience also.

The landscape. Being in a beautiful, picturesque place such as this lavender farm all I asked myself is, "If I wanted to send a photo to a good friend highly recommending this place for her to visit, what would I capture?" I chose to shoot an image which conveys the size of the location, how vast the field was and the fact that its a place you can sit and relax as you enjoy the view.

Depth of Field. I love playing around with depth of field and is something I highly recommend you figuring out and becoming good at. It adds another dimension to photographs and its just truly satisfying to achieve. This only requires you to pick what you want to focus on and let press the shutter once the precise focus is where you want it to be. I loved the way the lavender was swaying with the breeze so I just took a knee and played around till I snapped what I wanted.

In summary, I hope my approach came across loud and clear. Don't fuss or overthink. Be in tune to your surroundings and try your best to take a variety of forms of photography when you go somewhere new. It will add to the experience and remember to always have fun!

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