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He put a ring on it!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I was hired to take photos of a proposal/engagement session and later take candid photos of family and friends celebrating the happy occasion. As you already know, I constantly encourage you all to keep challenging yourselves, grow and evolve with your photography and this too is a mind frame I live by when I take on a session. I will take you along on how I went about this shoot.

Clients will either be very clear as of to what they expect and others give you a little wiggle room to explore and show your creativity. This is why a pre shoot consultation is necessary because it allows you and your client to be on the same page, which then facilitates for you to be prepared for the day of. The groom to be wanted to surprise his girlfriend at a local place in Long Island City called #anablebasinsailing . He chose a location with a spectacular view of #nyc . Working with this client was great in the sense that he had location, time, dinner reservations and family and friends arriving afterwards all set. I can not tell you how refreshing it is to work with a client that knows what they want and is organized!

There was a section close to the restaurant that had benches on a promenade. He wanted to walk her out to that promenade and pop the question as I posed to be a photographer taking photos of the NYC view. Unexpectedly a few people walked on to where we wanted to have a clear spot so I had to think fast and politely ask them to relocate in order to get shots with no one else in the frame. It was a hiccup at the moment because I quickly had to switch gears and make sure all was exactly how my client wanted it to be. Clearly not everything goes as planned so leave room for the unexpected. In situations like this, we need to be adaptable and find a way to deliver what the client envisioned regardless of what comes up.

Thankfully everything afterwards ran smoothly. He got on one knee, popped the question and she said yes!! I kid you not, this was nerve wracking but also fun. He later let her know that I was their photographer for the evening and the rest of the night was photographing them interact with family and friends as they arrived to the outdoor restaurant. It was a treat to capture and enjoy a laid back, casual evening celebrating love. Some of the photos I will be highlighting on this post are of the couple, the groom and bride to be with their parents, family, friends and the view from the location!

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