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Catch those action shots!!

Updated: May 30, 2019

Hola amigos! Summer is around the corner which means I will be out more with my 3 kids and usually that means I get the opportunity to photograph them while we go places.. I've compiled several shots which can help me to help you get a grip on capturing those perfect action/candid photos.

I am going to center this article on capturing children's action photos because that is what I'm working with. I've learned through the years that usually the best photos are not the ones that are staged. Take the kiddos somewhere there can have fun and be themselves. That way they can be in their element and you can be in yours while you are photographing them.

This first photo was taken during a family photo session that I was working on with my family at Bayard Cutting Arboretum on Long Island. This is the first time I brought a few props with me to include in a session. I got some glitter type confetti and thought to have my daughter blow it towards me so I can get her face in the shot with all the colors shooting outward. It took me a few shots to get the one I loved. It was a fun process, loved the bokeh I was able to achieve and to this date it's a favorite photo of mine.


Next up is a photo of my son jumping off a lifeguard seat at the beach one summer evening. Capturing photos in the evening can sometimes be tricky because the lighting can be a challenge but practice, practice , practice and you will get it. He was having a great time jumping off onto the sand and it gave me the chance to practice with his silhouette.

Another photo at the beach, but this time in the winter at sunset hours. I bundled up the children and headed over to Captree State Park. This session was intentional. I had my niece and nephew over and I decided to do a cousin photo session by the beach during golden hour. Click link below to get more info on golden hour and why its the perfect time of day for photogs. . While I was taking photos of the older kids, Ella was just playing with the sand as the sun was setting behind her and I just couldn't have asked for a better moment to snap.

Backyard fun is one of the moments that I enjoy the most because they aren't photos you expect to happen but when they do, they are a gift!! I dressed my 2 year old up because there is a nice tree in our back yard I wanted to take photos of her in front of but she wasn't feeling it too much BUT it just so happened to be the time of year when all the fall foliage is spread out on our lawns and the kids just LOVE it! So my older two made a huge pile for her and they start to play and throw the leaves at one another and Ella was just cracking up. I was sitting back and watching all the fun till I realized "I should be taking photos of this!" So I did and it was fun. I don't subscribe to the idea that you must be behind your lens at all times when you are with your family and miss out on the memories but I do subscribe to the idea that memories need to be captured when the moment is right. We just need to be balanced. You will thank yourself down the road.

This photo was taken recently. Everything was blooming around the neighborhood. The cherry blossoms were gorgeous so before I had to pick up my older kids at the bus stop I took little Ella with me on a walk to take photos of the blooming trees. While do that Ella grabbed a few dandelions and started to blow them. (Something she learned from her older sis haha). Since I had my camera on me I was able to take advantage of the moment and capture it.

On that note I leave you with pieces of memories I carry with me and have helped me on my journey as a photographer. Hope this post helps you to remember to think out the box but to also use what you have accessible. Next time you try an action shot, use props like glitter or natural elements like sand, flowers or leaves. Also leave room for those unexpected shots like jumping or playing. Sometimes we can be so set on certain shots we want to capture but life gives us others so be open to embracing those gifts along the way. Go for walks and welcome moments that just happen. Photography is your personal expression of art and you are the only one who has your vision. We all don't share the same experiences in life which will make your photos unique all the time. Have fun growing and fine tuning your eye to the world around you.

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