He put a ring on it!

I was hired to take photos of a proposal/engagement session and later take candid photos of family and friends celebrating the happy occasion. As you already know, I constantly encourage you all to keep challenging yourselves, grow and evolve with your photography and this too is a mind frame I live by when I take on a session. I will take you along on how I went about this shoot. Clients will either be very clear as of to what they expect and others give you a little wiggl

How to achieve street portraiture

Hi there friends! For those of you who personally know me or have seen my previous work, you are use to the fact that I love to get my hand in on capturing portraits. Whether it be of my own babies, other babies, friends who are expecting or family. However, I've made it a goal to venture out and take more portraits but this time, with a purpose. A family friend is graduating high school and my daughter is graduating elementary school. Both are milestones to a child/ teen's

Make the best of your day out!

Hello friends! Who else is super happy warmer weather is finally upon us? I know I am! Looking back on some beautiful days I've had in the past with my camera on hand, I thought to myself; "why not share some pointers on how to intentionally take photos on nice outings without it technically being a (shoot)?" So here goes... On this particular day I went out to a beautiful lavender farm on Long Island with my hubby. One of those days for just "Mami and Papi". I brought my c