How to achieve street portraiture

Hi there friends! For those of you who personally know me or have seen my previous work, you are use to the fact that I love to get my hand in on capturing portraits. Whether it be of my own babies, other babies, friends who are expecting or family. However, I've made it a goal to venture out and take more portraits but this time, with a purpose. A family friend is graduating high school and my daughter is graduating elementary school. Both are milestones to a child/ teen's

Make the best of your day out!

Hello friends! Who else is super happy warmer weather is finally upon us? I know I am! Looking back on some beautiful days I've had in the past with my camera on hand, I thought to myself; "why not share some pointers on how to intentionally take photos on nice outings without it technically being a (shoot)?" So here goes... On this particular day I went out to a beautiful lavender farm on Long Island with my hubby. One of those days for just "Mami and Papi". I brought my c